About company

GFI RUS Company was founded in 2002 and started its production of soft ice cream and milkshake powder under now very well-known Icedream trademark. Since then, we have been continuously improving our business in technology and production: some of our ice cream powder developments have been used by most manufacturers.

Since our products belong to the food category, we monitor closely compliance with all quality requirements for the ingredients we produce: GFI RUS Company products undergo various examinations annually and have QSCert Certificate confirming its complete safety and compliance with all established standards and requirements.

The main areas of our activity are:

Production of ingredients and equipment for desserts and drinks

  • soft ice cream freezers, frozen drink machines, mixers, chocolate makers,
  • soft ice cream and milkshake powder, granita (slush ice drink), hot chocolate powder.
  • toppings, milkshake syrups,
  • professional bar syrups,
  • concentrated natural fruit smoothies and juices,
  • marmalades.

Powdered sugar, salt powder, rice and buckwheat flour, complex nutritional supplement products for diet and baby food

  • starter cultures,
  • powdered salt and snack sugar,
  • complex nutritional supplements.

In addition to developing and maintaining its own production line, GFI RUS Company also carries out the distribution activity: we cooperate with companies like Stoelting and Carpigiani, the manufacturers of the equipment for frozen desserts, as well as started the production of the equipment under our Icedream trademark – our partner Spaceman provides us with its assistance in this regard.

Nowadays GFI RUS Company is an European level stable company focused on the close and mutually beneficial cooperation with each customer from individual entrepreneurs to world producers like "Danone", "Wendy's", "Ressa", "Heinz", "Nestle", "KFC", "Symrise", "Mars". Thanks to the GFI RUS Company high quality products, our customers become truly competitive having the optimal investment into their business.

GFI RUS Company motto is the importance of success of each customer who chooses our products, manufacture of high quality products and full customer consulting and technical support.

GFI RUS Company is ready to become your reliable partner in long-term mutually beneficial relationships.