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Milkshake syrups

Our toppings create dozens of versions of the same dessert. So, milkshake syrups change the drink having different added volume and mixing mode. Our flavors expand the cocktail menu of cafes, restaurants, bars, pastry shops, fast food outlets. Buy berry, fruit and chocolate natural toppings. Low consumption is guaranteed by 2.4 kg container and high concentration of the product.


  • Taste.

Milkshake syrups make drinks sweet and increase the amount of flavors. Toppings are in classic mixes and experiments, for example, strawberry-pineapple or wild berry-coconut.

  • Color.

Colored syrups fill the palette of milkshakes with new colors and make them interesting for your consumers. Also supplement eliminates grayish or swamp shade which sometimes causes mixing of blue and green components.

  • Decor.

External syrup decoration of your meal is suitable for hot and cold drinks, ice cream, pastries. It is possible to draw patterns and inscriptions using the integrated dispenser.

Our Moscow plant manufactures milkshake syrups with author's formula. The company also produces and supplies Icedream blend cocktail freezers. "Turn-key ready bar" service is available.