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Milkshake powder

Thick refreshing drinks are supposed to be ice cream popular analog. Milkshake powder is used for making large quantities of the product. Our dry substance consists of the natural ingredients in powder form. You can add it to milk and then whip it for your drink. Buy the proprietary blend with fruit, berry, vanilla, chocolate flavor and ready to use powder as well.

Why powder-based products are good?

  • Ease of use.

Milk shake powder substitutes fruits, berries, ice cream in the drink formula. You do not have to defrost and process it that simplifies your workflow.

  • Easy storage.

Powder-based product is packaged so you can store it unopened for up to 9 months indoor without freezer.

  • Quality of mixing.

Uniformity of powdered milkshake cocktails is higher compared to the classic versions where fresh ingredients are used. Powdered formula doubles the volume of the drink and gives rich foam.

  • Clean space.

Berry and fruit marks, ice cream drips require regular kitchen or bar cleaning. Powder-based products do not make your room dirty and have almost no waste materials.

  • Cost reduction.

Milk shakes powder costs less than the ingredients for equal volume of the beverage in familiar formula. It reduces storage costs having no strict conditions.

We produce powder in our private enterprise and certify it according to the standards of QSCert. "Turn-key ready bar" service is available: our customers receive our powder-based products as well as brand Icedream freezers for whipping milk shakes. Stoelting combo freezers with "soft ice-cream" option are supposed to be our advanced versions.