• Professional syrups
    for bar and coffee premium-class industry

    Miller & Miller
  • Soft ice cream and milkshake powder, equipment and supplies

  • Flour products
    (rice and buckwheat flour),
    sugar and sugar powder

    Miller & Miller
About company
About company

GFI RUS Company was founded in 2002 and started its production of soft ice cream and milkshake powder under now very well-known Icedream trademark. Since then, we have been continuously improving our business in technology and production: some of our ice cream powder developments have been used by most manufacturers.

Since our products belong to the food category, we monitor closely compliance with all quality requirements for the ingredients we produce: GFI RUS Company products undergo various examinations annually and have QSCert Certificate confirming its complete safety and compliance with all established standards and requirements.

How we are working

In our work, we adhere to four basic principles:

High quality standards
The products under ICEDREAM and MILLER&MILLER trademarks are first and foremost high-quality ingredients and quality control at all production stages.

Constant technological innovation
The key to our success is modern production technology and ability to adapt technological processes to changing market needs.

Flexibility, taking into account the needs of each customer
We provide consultancy and technological support for both large companies and small businesses.

Commitment to long-term partnership
We are interested in successful business development of our customers and committed to long-term mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our partners